Karma…how does yours flow?

It goes a little something like this....
It goes a little something like this….

We must be very considerate in all that we say, do, and think. What we put out we shall surely see again. Things done in fear, insecurity, and vengeance appear to knock the dominoes down faster than things done in sincere ignorance. Yet, even ignorance is no excuse. Even ignorance causes the dominoes to start falling.

There is a common misunderstanding that negative karma from parents can be passed on to their children, as if karma can be ‘transferred’ via inherited genes. This idea is hard to debunk because it can seem true that parents who do much evil beget, say, offsprings with poor health from birth.

Of all the relationships we experience in a lifetime, the ones we have with our parents, both father and mother, can be the most challenging. Some people have wonderful parental experiences, others defy reason and logic. Our choice of parents, both father and mother, was very specific and we chose the ones who would best prepare us for the karma and healing we needed in a lifetime, beginning with them. Karma doesn’t switch on when we turn 18 and enter adulthood, it begins before conception, with our choice of parents and we always choose the ones who will be the best karmic teachers.

The Buddhist teachings do not advocate the belief that ‘original sin’ from one generation can infect the next, for this would invalidate the otherwise natural and fair workings of karma, whereby one only enjoys and suffers the respective good and ill fruits cultivated personally.

Why is it so that evil parents might suffer via their children’s suffering? Isn’t this unfair to the kids? When children suffer, it is a result of their own karmic fruition, just as sufferin of the parents is a result of their own karma. However, their suffering intersects via interaction as the parents suffer the pains of caring for the children who might also suffer from not being well cared for. As such, it is not so much that the parents suffer through their children or the children through their parents; it is a matter of them suffering together due to the overlapping interplay of collective karma.

Conversely, parents who do good tend to beget good children. Even though the children’s well-being is a result of their own karma, it still does make sense to cultivate more goodness – so as to karmically deserve and thus attract better children!

While ‘birds’ of similar karmic ‘feathers’ flock together as family, individual karma still exists. No one is doomed to suffer with one’s family as karma is dynamic, up to us to ‘tweak’ with new positive karma created, which creates fresh potential to dilute and thus transform past negative karmic potentials. Take charge today!

Goodness is more powerful than evil
because merits can be shared
(while negative karma cannot be shared) – Stonepeace



Power is Prayer

There is nothing like prayer. Prayer can be much more than vocal. It can be words, sounds, movement, thoughts, or silence. It is verbal and nonverbal. There is power in prayer. When you have nothing or no one else, you have prayer. When all you can do is stand still, make your standing a prayer. Make it the communication between you and Spirit rarely seen or heard by others. Sometimes, it is all that you have. Do not give your power away. Prayer is the communication to Olodumare (God), through the Imole/Orisa and the Ancestors, calling upon Him/Her for assistance and provision of needs. Prayer is essential, for there is nothing that man can do without the help of Olodumare.                                                                                                   

Holy Odu Osarete says:

He who sleeps alone

If he is befallen by illness or evil of any kind

It is only Olodumare who wakes him up

Ifa revelations to Ajoji, the stranger

Who was going to settle in the forest

He was advised to make sacrifice

So that he would come across a helper.

Ajoji, the stranger got to the forest

He had a load

He looked forward only to see nobody

He looked behind him but saw no helper.

This burden has become Almighty Creator’s own


Assist in lifting and placing it on my head


Whoever has no relative

His confidence lies in the heavenly Olodumare.


In the midst of your storms, torments and trials, do not loose hope in prayer to the Almighty. Do not loose faith in prayer to The Ancestors, to the Imole. Do not count how many times that you pray for the same thing. No, dont mock God. If you must count something, count the amount of times the Almighty gives you a new day, to make prayer. Ase.

Pray without ceasing. Pray in the morning and pray in the night. Pray in the happy times, the sad times, the good times, and during times of high anxiety and anticipation. Pray in every condition. Pray in every mind-state.









Who’s Carrying Whom?

a dear sister-friend asked me a heavy question today. she wanted to know what was it like to ‘carry the energy” that I carry, via initiations in my spiritual practice. in particular, what is it like to carry “so much” energy. Her final question is: what is like/what does it mean to be an iyanifa.

honey, i feel a few posts coming on. possibly, a book or two. i could be here all night.

that was such a loaded question and it deserves reflective and insightful discourse. i accept the challenge. we both agreed that there was no way to address the questions in one phone call, or even in one week.

what i was able to say to her is this: i am not sure what it is like to carry that energy. I am not sure that i carry any of that energy at all. What I am sure of is that They carry me. This, I am most certain of.


Open the mind to master the mind

There is nothing so disobedient as an undisciplined mind, and there is nothing so obedient as a disciplined mind.


An undisciplined mind verses a disciplined mind: if that isn’t the struggle of the day, possibly the struggle of life; let the church say amen!!! I want to be obedient considering l started this life’s journey full of disobedience. The very word ‘obedience’ would give me the hebbie-jebbies back in the day. Now, i embrace it fully: being obedient to myself, to God, to spirit, to life…..for the most part.

As far as I can tell, meditation is the true way to disciplining the mind. I would like to say, ‘the only way’ but my gemini self knows that that’s an internal argument waiting to postpone this post.

It is said that meditation will save your life. By default, I have come to know this has truth. Meditation silences the mind, brings inner peace, self mastery, improved well-being and spiritual connection. Its power is undeniable. It is the “magic pill” that is singularly the most powerful transformational practice you can incorporate into your daily life.

I have regained my footing and meditation was the first thing ushered back into my lifestyle. With all of the great apps on cellphones, I can meditate anywhere, even when i forget my mala beads. i love carrying my mala beads because of my visual stimulation needs but, i get it in regardless now.

Nothing else teaches self-discipline like meditation. When you learn to avoid giving in to the temptation to move around and fidget during meditation, then you can learn to avoid other things like impulsive shopping, emotional eating, procrastination, anger/rage in challenging moments, and engaging in destructive habits. Meditation allows you to become aware. Aware of yourself, your surroundings, and how you’ve allowed impulses to dictate your life. This is an important step to mastery of your mind.

And considering I was born with a convention center full of voices in my head, I welcome the opportunity to master silence and hear God through the peephole. Someone once said, “I started meditation so that my mind would stop playing tricks on me. So that I wouldn’t believe only the things that my mind was telling me.” Whew!!!! I thought that was powerful when she said it to me. When i think of all of the stubborn, mule-headed, arrogant, stuck-in-their-ways people I know, and love, it made me run to the mat and make love to meditation. I am the WRONG ONE to have my mind playing tricks on me; talk about bloody eyes and fire for clothing. To not discipline my mind would be to release the cracken! Not cute at all.

here’s to mastering our minds. and listening to God more clearly.


What is faithfully trekking

Welcome to this space of transcendence of spirit, thought and action. Where world religions are acknowledged because of their Oneness to the Source of All Things but The Source of All Things is what we acknowledge the most.

This space seeks to provoke thought and action in self transformation and discovery.

Why faithfully trekking? For anyone to answer the call to ministry, to answer the call to divine aspirations, to answer the call of God- it requires a faithful walk, a faithful trek. What is faithful? Faithful is: obsolete; full of faith; steadfast in affection or allegiance; loyalty; firmness in adherence of promises or in observation of duty: conscientious; given with strong assurance; binding, a faithful promise; true to the facts, to the standard, to the original (faithful copy)