Carlota Lukumi

Carlota Lukumi de Cuba

Carlota Lukumi. Carlota was kidnapped from her Yoruba tribe, brought in chains to Cuba as a child and forced into slavery in the city of Matanzas, working to harvest and process sugar cane under the most brutal of conditions.
She was bright, musical, determined and clever. In 1843, she and another enslaved woman named Fermina led an organized rebellion at the Triumvarato sugar plantation. Fermina was locked up after her plans for the rebellion were discovered. Using talking drums to secretly communicate, Carlota and her fellow warriors freed Fermina and dozens of others, and went on to wage a well-organized armed uprising against at least five brutal slave plantation operations in the area. Carlota’s brave battle went on for one year before she was captured, tortured and executed by Spanish landowners.


Iba Orisanla


The great king that dwelled in the city of Iranje

He who has blessings and good character

He who has ideal character and blessings

Husband of the hunchback

Husband of the crippled

Oro, the husband of albino

He who lives daily in gorgeous greatness

He is so so mighty that he cannot be lifted

Immense in white robes

The king in unstained white cloth

He sleeps in white cloth

He wakes in white cloth

He rises in white cloth

Venerable father, Yemoo’s husband

It is enjoyable to see wealth

The oldest man in the city of Ifon

He who multiples a single person to many

The spiritual world’s blacksmith

The head moulder that molds children’s heads

Orisa that makes eyes and noses

Orisanla the owner of good clay

Orisanla the owner of the clay that is used to mold character

Orisanla the owner of clay that is used to mold portion

He who has power of making things happen

A very wealthy Orisa

Oya Oriri

Dearest Mother of Nine. The Tearer.

Let the sweet winds of change be gentle in my life.

Do not blow down the trees in my backyard.

Let me dance with the changes like ribbons do with the wind, in the sky.

Let me be prepared for what you will blow away,

and be ready for what you will bring in.

Be merciful with me, as I learn to unfold stiff arms

around things, situations, and people who no longer serve me.

Blow, with reckless abandon, the masks off of hidden enemies and secret plots.

Allow those that wish against me to have front row seats

to the victories and all the ire of my life,

as they lower their backs for me to walk!

My Royal Mother, the one whom they forget came here with me…..

I greet you.

My house,

we greet you!



Hapi 55th Independence Day, Nigeria


I join with many others today to say Happy Independence Day to Nigeria. My beloved Nigeria. I have traveled there many times and have been adopted by a few families there. It is rumored that my grandfather’s father was a stowaway from Nigeria. I even almost married one. Nigeria seems to have found its way into my life, long before I would travel there and fall in love with the people and their culture.

They are plagued by many problems and corruption, to say the least. But they are also on the upswing thanks to their new leadership. I pray that Nigeria rises to be the great nation that it needs to be! The World is Watching…

Live Long Iyanifa ooo

Daughter of Olorun (heaven)
sacred woman
fertile woman
Said the Ifa Oracle
she can be what you can be
She can reach the sky
you can reach the sky
The daughters of Olorun should be favored
they must be recognised in a position
equality on Earth
So said the Ifa Oracle
Femininity is not a cause of mockery
It is not cause to be viewed as less than a man
Said the Ifa Oracle
My daughters can be my awos
my children may be my awos
The fruits of my creation can be my awos
there is no distinction between them
it is my decree to be fulfilled
my mandate is to be praised
they should be initiated
they must be awo
they should be initiated
they should be awo
My children should be initiated
So said the Ifa Oracle
To understand me
to meet me
for the good
human initiation is insufficient
it is for everyone
do it as you have learned it
My sons and my daughters
they must receive initiation
the most important initiation
alone with me
It gives them my blessing
Said the Ifa Oracle
All can be initiated
in my priesthood
There will be no distinction.