Reflections in Eerindinlogun: Odu Ofun

Orisha speaks Ofun today, as a message for us. May the ire of this odu be with us and those we pray for. May we, and our families, see the blessings of good health. May Ogun accept our offerings so that we never know impotence in any of our blessings. May Orisa bless our work, and everything we put our hands on, so well that onlookers will think it is like magic. May Ori guide us firmly so that we do not abandon Orisa when things get tough. May we trust that Orisa will trap our enemies, and those who seek to betray us, for us. We must keep faithful in our duties as devotees. Finally, may the elevation of the “unexpected ones” trouble the naysayers, and make us king.

Orisa says,

“An unexpected person did this

Cast for Coldness when he was going to attack people

They said, “what can Coldness do?

“He has no bones in his body; He doesn’t have any strength;

He can’t do anything,” they said, “What can he do?” (jealousy, enemies, naysayers)

Coldness said, He would conquer all those who have bones (purpose, destiny, mission)

And so it went.

Coldness went for divination and was told to make offering

And he did so

After, he went and broke the calabash of ashes and the calabash of cold water.

Even if people were in bed, they were shivering

The next day people said,

“The coldness of yesterday, did it bother you?”

It bothered me. It bothered me also.”

This is how Coldness began to bother people. He was dancing and rejoicing.

He was praising the diviners, and the diviners were praising Orisa.

An unexpected person did this

Cast for Coldness when he was going to attack people.

He said, “We heard and offered the sacrifice; We appeased the gods;

It won’t be long, it’s not far away.

You will see me in an abundance of blessings.”



Temple Members: We greet Ori, Ogun, Orisanla, and Ifa today, and give offerings.

(photo found on internet)


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