Auntie Mary

My recently deceased aunt showed up in my dream last night. We were in a building that could’ve been a party or something. Auditorium-ish. Lots of people standing around. Smiling. I didn’t get a sense of sadness. I am standing with a group of people taking when out of the corner of my eyes, I see a beautiful woman in yellow, walking, carrying a small baby. I realize its my aunt, so I call out her name. She turns because she hears her name, but she doesn’t see who’s calling her. I take off after her. She stops. I greet her but I cant recall what we said or did. All i know is that she gives me the baby in her arms and leaves. I see her later in the dream but it’s like I’m relieving her  while she enjoys herself. Then it all fades to black. Iba Egungun. I have no idea….but it was good to see my Auntie Mary.

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