Of Head and Heart


5/31/2017 – All about the head and heart!

5:31Today is about enjoying/reflecting on business success, financial security, and family life. Sharpen plans and follow-through actions that allow your ventures to flourish. It suggests looking for solutions that will last and a focus on creating foundations. Security (financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc…) is of utmost importance. Be concerned with the long-term. Make sure family life is orderly. Nail down all plans, leaving nothing fleeting. One is encouraged to embrace traditions and trust what is tried-and-true.

The bump in the road that impedes victory for today’s charge is that the imagination is in OVERDRIVE, needing to invent ‘a better way’ to do things at a time when one should be more patient with ‘the establishment’. The need to express oneself is tugging at the sleeve when the expectation is to lean more on traditions and the set guidelines. If one balances the joys of security and success (money and family) with the strong need to inspire, create, and begin new projects against the grain- one will be able to show the world (household, community, co-workers) the poetry of life, where love is emphasizes, th
e mundane path is abandoned, and understanding, diplomacy, and motivation is shared with every word and action.

The Work: Start meditating and visualization, it is the key to fulfilling wishes (more of the mystic and not the worldly kind). One must have a balanced blend of intellect and emotions (head and heart) to manifest desires. Seek out compassion and display it. Compassion helps with “balancing dualities” work.

Lastly, hawthorn berry tea is a powerful heart and circulatory tonic (see physician before self medicating). The spiritual aspect of the plant is most potent for healing and opening the energetic heart. The Hawthorn beckons one to examine the relationships of the-past-to-the-present through the lens of the heart. Does issues in current relationships reflect childhood wounds and/or past pains? It’s not about blaming others but more about taking responsibility for personal feelings and moving forward. Does reoccurring memories plague the mind? Is the heart chakra closed? Seek breathing techniques and yoga to open the heart. Keep in mind that releasing blocked emotions ca
n be painful but it only requires that one is fully present in the heart. The tears one shed through ‘heart-healing’ work now will clear the way for more love and compassion to enter.

Other Connections: Seek healing work with Ori and Ogun for balancing the head and the heart!

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