Iba Esu


There are not enough words to express the importance of greeting the Owner of the Roads. The Owner of the Crossroads. The Opener of The Way. The Divine Messenger of Eledumare. The Policemen of Heaven. The One who walks on the left side, and on the right side, of God. The One who is acknowledged first. The One who gets a share of everything. The Knower of all Languages. The Communicator. The One who is watching when no one else is watching.

This Divinity’s energy can be found in the spiritual practices of many indigenous people all over the earth. The Yoruba call him Esu. Some call him Elegua. Others know him as Papa Legba. The names and domain may differ but the undeniable power of this Orisa is never questioned.

Priests and spiritual leaders, all over the world, are performing spiritual rites to combat the battles of oppression, injustice, intolerance, and global destruction assaulted on the earth’s natives. The unseen portals which open up and take those spiritual  rites on a journey from earth to heaven, and back again, all starts with the appeasement of Esu.

We ask in prayers that Baba Esu opens the doors and pathways to our good health and long life. Baba Esu, please open the roads to good communication between husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters, and business partners. Open the roads to good communication so that our marriages, unions, children, and businesses will be well, healthy, successful, and abundant.

Baba Esu, open the roads to our financial blessings and our generational wealth. All that we do, we do to leave behind for those coming after us. Please bless our endeavors. Make the roads smooth so that we can accomplish our tasks. Do not turn our sweetness to sour. Do not allow our blessings to spoil.

Baba Esu, please return to sender any bad thoughts, ill-will, vicious acts, jealousy, envy or evil sent to us, or our families.. Return such evil back to the people and let it sit in their laps, and in their throats. Let our enemies rejoice in our successes and use their own tongue, and money, to tell the world of our good endeavors.

Baba Esu, bless all those who stop and greet you. Bless us, so that we maybe a blessing to others.

Esu ko ni se wa o





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