Orisanla, baba mi


Orisanla Osere igbo. Iku ike. Oba patapata ti n ba won gbode Iranje. Orisaala a gbe wa o. Ase.

May the Owner of the White Cloth show us the way to peace of mind and tranquility. When calmness and clarity eludes us, we should remember Orisanla. Orisanla brings purity, wisdom, and discipline. Honesty, creativity, and hard work also is found here. The ability to take one thing and multiple it into many, is one of the great blessings that this Orisa gives us. Obatala wakes up in white, remains in white, and goes to bed in white. The words to this prayer remind us of what patience looks like. Patience is the father of everything. With patience and time, all things will work themselves out, and all blessings revealed. The snail is one of our focal points, with this Orisa. The snail is dutiful, purposeful, and cautious. The snails eats every day from the abundance of earth, without the ability (or free will) to hurry or worry. If the snail’s needs are met, then surely our needs will be met too. Here’s to being patient, when things are not going well. When discipline is a struggle. When creativity has met a brain fog. When abundance is on the slow train…..Orisanla please accept our obi abata and other offerings, and speak of ire (blessings) for us. Ase.

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