Iba Orisanla


The great king that dwelled in the city of Iranje

He who has blessings and good character

He who has ideal character and blessings

Husband of the hunchback

Husband of the crippled

Oro, the husband of albino

He who lives daily in gorgeous greatness

He is so so mighty that he cannot be lifted

Immense in white robes

The king in unstained white cloth

He sleeps in white cloth

He wakes in white cloth

He rises in white cloth

Venerable father, Yemoo’s husband

It is enjoyable to see wealth

The oldest man in the city of Ifon

He who multiples a single person to many

The spiritual world’s blacksmith

The head moulder that molds children’s heads

Orisa that makes eyes and noses

Orisanla the owner of good clay

Orisanla the owner of the clay that is used to mold character

Orisanla the owner of clay that is used to mold portion

He who has power of making things happen

A very wealthy Orisa

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