Native Sponge as a teacher

About a year (or two) ago, I went through this, “nothing but native sponge for baths” thing in my house. My household went silent. They will try something once but that one try is everything. The little people said it (the native sponge) was too rough on the skin but makes a great bird’s nest. The Mister said it clogs up the pipes. Everyone complained. I stopped sharing my sponge and left them to their washcloths. I can live with be the only person in the house with well-exfoliated skin in my old age. Why come they are using the native sponge???They are sneaking and using it, and I can tell. The bag is shrinking before my eyes. Someone, other than me, is using it. I won!!

Ifa is like that. People do not want to use it or believe in it. It is foreign. It feels funny, and there is a hint of embarrassment so they dismiss it. Yet, there is something about Ifa once you experience it, it lingers. And you come back for more. May Ifa bring blessings and protection to those who believe, and make believers out of those who doubt. Happy Ose Ifa, family.


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