Happy New Year!

This is how we shall start the new year off. Thankful for the Seen and the Unseen. Here’s to liberating ourselves from being afraid of the Unseen. Not that we are loose cannons with that which we cannot control. No, just the opposite. A healthy dose of fear and full reverence. Not fear, for fear sake. But healthy fear with the understanding that God is in control, always. Like Moses, we come closer to God than most of our counterparts will ever know. To knock on the door, have it open and the veils moved back, that we may approach holy ground. To have our prayers and offerings go swiftly to Heaven on our behalf. All of it, liberating. May we stand stronger in our convictions and beliefs. May we be steadfast in prayer and supplication. May we not loose heart when things are dark, when the roads seems closed. May we shout louder to the High Heavens and to our Ancestors, as if we truly know where our help comes from. May this be a 2015 filled with good health, long life, prosperity, love, abundance, peace and joy.

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