without it ever being said

i knew to look away from you

and speak in whispered tones,

at best.

show no fear

but tiptoe ever so lightly

before falling on knees

in humility,

not subservience.

in gratefulness,

not cowardice.

forehead to the ground

knees to the ground

water to the ground

calabash on the ground

praising the baba and the yeye

of the ground.

singing my grandmother’s song in my heart

calling on a passover

from plagues and dis-ease

from sickness and isolation.

raising kingdoms from sack cloth

and royal purple sashes.

giving life to water

as water gives life to all.

secure in the sacred passwords

streaming down from bloodlines:

there is but one God

and S/He has many messengers.

This One comes.

May He pass by

and not find us wanton.

Only worthy of blessings and favor.

May the Earth support us

despite our arrogant ways.

May the enlightened ones

pour water

and pick leaves

to cool the Earth

on behalf of the


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