#WORK to banish jealousy

Spirit Work to Banish Jealousy
Incense of the day: Cinnamon
Items needed: scraps of paper; green cloth/fabric/bandana; cotton string; fire

Jot down, on scraps of paper, different times where you have experienced jealousy. Go back as far as you can remember to people or things that made you feel jealous or envious. Write each incident, or person, on its own scrap of paper. Write down the thoughts or other feelings you have, when you feel jealous or envious of other people or situations. When you have finished the writing exercise, place all of those jealous thoughts (the scraps of paper/sticky notes) into a green cloth or fabric and then tie the corners together with the string, to make a bundle. Hold the bundle and meditate: envision all the jealousy, anger, envy, (and other heavy feelings that you can bring up from the depths of your being being) passing into the green bundle of jealous/envious thoughts. When you feel ready, toss the bundle into the fire and watch it burn.

“As this bundle of jealous thoughts
burns, so do the feelings and emotions
burn away in me.”

Now, inscribe a light blue or pink pillar candle with all the things you genuinely love and value about yourself. You can take a hat pin and write key words into the sides of the candle. Whenever you feel jealous, look at and light the candle, remembering you are just as awesome as anyone else.


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