God is still on The Main Line

Igbekele eniyan asan ni

Jowo b’eleda re s’oro kelekele

Translation: Putting trust in fellow humans can be futile. Please, confide in your spiritual guides silently.

There is no way around this one. How many times have we confided in our family, friends, and/or loved ones only to have them misunderstand us, or better yet, create more drama and issues? This lesson seems to be learned the hard way. You must learn how to smile when the human-folks ask you about how things are going. Share a tear (or laugh) or two with those who have truly proven to be a wing-man in your corner. But other than that, be on bended-knee (or child-pose) when speaking to the gods. Whisper to them of your needs.

Tell the deities all about your sorrows. Name them one by one. Tell the gods about your pains, your dreams, your mistakes, your hopes, your regrets, and your power moves. Whisper to them of the things that keep you broken, battered, or worn; of the things that lurk in corners to keep you off-kilter. Tell them of the enemies that try to surround you dressed in sheep’s clothing. Direct their attention to the ones who boldly declare their wishes for your misfortune. Do spiritual somersaults to get their attention, to keep depression, anxiety, and hopelessness far away from you. Tell the gods about the wayward children and the loveless marriages. Dump it all there. In front the shrine. Alongside the river banks. Deep in the woods. At the crossroads. At the railroad tracks. In the vortexes. At the mountain top. In the valley. Wherever you are blessed to stand on holy ground, tell your guardian spirits your needs, your wants, your desires, your hopes, your prayers.

Stop expecting other humans to be a christ for you. You will have to rely on yourself. You will have to dig deep within yourself. That means your whole trust has to be in the unseen. Not partial trust. Not fair-weather trust, but complete trust and confidence in the Unseen and how S/He moves. May God bless us on this journey. Ase.


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