A Prayer for Baba Sango


Guardian of twins. Master of knowledge. Brilliant eye. He splits the skies. He splits the liar’s wall superbly.

Masker from another world. We roll out the mortar and use it as a throne.

Water by the side of fire in the middle of the sky. Spirit who kills six with one thunder stone.

He mounts the head of Ose and goes, strong person, spotted leopard, like the Spirit of Infectious disease.

Leopard Father of the Chief of Ede, white sky, sign of richness.

Owner of the thunder bag. Owner of the bag filled with power. Seasoned warrior.

Storm on the edge of the knife. He carries fire on his head into the house.

Victorious Shere, superlative Ose.

Flash of a leopard’s eye can set a roof on fire.

Against the unknown let us do things together

Swift King, appearing like the evening moon.

I have an assassin as a lover.


Conjuro Real a Chango contra enemigos

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