No slave mi to the past

With the internet acting as cyber ogboni, there are watchdogs reporting the latest on other people’s behaviors, choices and antics. Some are merited. Others are personal beefs. Some still, are just petty. If the intended target has not made national news, they have definitely made the neighborhood news. In recent days, I have witnessed a dear friend being attacked. For what, is a blog post all its own. Who can really say, save those who were there? There are accusations, misunderstandings, and wrongdoings, from past and present, being weighed in the balance, on front street.

One of the protesters against my dear friend says that the past has come to collect. It was this statement that sent me into reflection: the past has come to collect. Tufiakwa!!!! (God forbid). I thought, is this what we are to be doing? Is this how we are to invest energy? Pointing fingers at who is doing what? Who has not been trouble in their past? Glass houses should not throw stones. When we know better, we do better. Who has the right to hold someone to their past? Their past mind state? Their past ignorance? Their past pains and hurts that led them astray? Oh, the mistakes we have made navigating this life existence. Especially growing up america. God forbid we are held hostage by our trials and tribulations on this journey of life. We, who have made ebo. We, who have sought forgiveness from the Heavens and the offering was accepted. Who then shall seek to destroy someone, just to see them pay for an old wound? An old scar? dried tears? No, what is called for is not revenge, but healing. Alas, it is not my call. All I can do is stand in solidarity with those I love, as they steer through storms and answer to the proper ones who call for answer.

On the one hand, Ejiogbe teaches us to do good always, so that we don’t see the fruit of our bad ways into our old age. That isn’t a deep secret, Big Mama taught us that.

I behave as My God creates me
I do good always, am honesty too
I do no evil
Neither do I harbor evil thoughts
Lest I die wretched
This is because whatever we initiate in our youth will persist till old age
These are the declaration of the Oracle for Orunmila and the 401 Irunmolé
When coming from Heaven to the world
Olodumare instructed them to do good always
Only Orunmila applied honesty of thought
To overturn all evil machinations

Bi Olorun Oba mi ti da mi ni mo nse
Mo nse rere
Mo nse Otito
Mi ose ibi
Mi ogbero ika si kun
Ki nma baa bose ku
Nitori owo ti a ba se lowuro
Timo-timo nii mo ni lowo dojo ale
Dia fun Orunmila
Baba ntikole Orun bo W’Aye
Sagede fun Okananleniriinwo Irunmole
Won ntorun bo waye
Olodumare ni ki won maa se rere
Orunmila ni kikan
Lo fi Otito inu
Da eru ika sonu

But what of those who hadn’t learned to live this truth before getting their things together? What of those plagued by struggles?  Are they damned? Again, Tufiakwa! Who will save those who have saved themselves from their trauma and hurts, which had them acting out against others, or in bad character? Who will save the 40-year-old-self from the 20-year-old-self? Who will protect their new name, for the old one names have been cut away and buried. The goodwill of Heaven will save them, that is who! It is to thee alone, that sacrifice is made. We do not make sacrifice to oluwo, chief, or oba. we make it to Heaven or Earth. Who then shall we look to, when the enemies gather to collect from past deed?

How apropos that my meditation today, led me to Holy Odu Obara Iwori:

Little children use their eyes as lamp in darkness

cast divination for Egbe when Egbe was coming from heaven to earth

He was asked to offer sacrifice

A group of Egbe was coming from heaven to earth

when they slept, their sleep would be full of nightmares

They would see their mates in heaven

They were told to take care of their Egbe

They wished them a lot of good things

They told them that if they slept here they would be dreaming about the ones in heaven

On waking from the sleep, They would be seeing the ones here

They were told to make ekuru funfun so that the heavenly mates would have to eat

You would have rest, they told them

They then offered the sacrifice

and therefore created Associations

and named it an Associations on earth

It is the association in heaven that would protect the sanctity of the one on earth

They started to dance and rejoice

They were praising the babalawo and their babalawo was praising Ifa

They said it was exactly as their babalawo predicted

It is little children that use their eyes as lamp in darkness

cast divination for Egbe when Egbe was coming from heaven to earth

He was asked to take care of the ground

and offer sacrifice

Please don’t let us be dishonored

Rather, for the Association on earth to dishonored

The ones in Heaven would not allow it

Please do not let us be humiliated.


May the Heavenly mates protect their earthly mates. May dishonor not find them/us. Do not let their/our/my good name be destroyed by enemies and detractors. If we/they are to be chastised, let it be by the loving arms of baba or yeye. Let them/us make the food for Egbe to eat, and be appeased. May Egbe protect the sanctity of us/we/them, on earth, fiercely.


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