Power is Prayer

There is nothing like prayer. Prayer can be much more than vocal. It can be words, sounds, movement, thoughts, or silence. It is verbal and nonverbal. There is power in prayer. When you have nothing or no one else, you have prayer. When all you can do is stand still, make your standing a prayer. Make it the communication between you and Spirit rarely seen or heard by others. Sometimes, it is all that you have. Do not give your power away. Prayer is the communication to Olodumare (God), through the Imole/Orisa and the Ancestors, calling upon Him/Her for assistance and provision of needs. Prayer is essential, for there is nothing that man can do without the help of Olodumare.                                                                                                   

Holy Odu Osarete says:

He who sleeps alone

If he is befallen by illness or evil of any kind

It is only Olodumare who wakes him up

Ifa revelations to Ajoji, the stranger

Who was going to settle in the forest

He was advised to make sacrifice

So that he would come across a helper.

Ajoji, the stranger got to the forest

He had a load

He looked forward only to see nobody

He looked behind him but saw no helper.

This burden has become Almighty Creator’s own


Assist in lifting and placing it on my head


Whoever has no relative

His confidence lies in the heavenly Olodumare.


In the midst of your storms, torments and trials, do not loose hope in prayer to the Almighty. Do not loose faith in prayer to The Ancestors, to the Imole. Do not count how many times that you pray for the same thing. No, dont mock God. If you must count something, count the amount of times the Almighty gives you a new day, to make prayer. Ase.

Pray without ceasing. Pray in the morning and pray in the night. Pray in the happy times, the sad times, the good times, and during times of high anxiety and anticipation. Pray in every condition. Pray in every mind-state.









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