Who’s Carrying Whom?

a dear sister-friend asked me a heavy question today. she wanted to know what was it like to ‘carry the energy” that I carry, via initiations in my spiritual practice. in particular, what is it like to carry “so much” energy. Her final question is: what is like/what does it mean to be an iyanifa.

honey, i feel a few posts coming on. possibly, a book or two. i could be here all night.

that was such a loaded question and it deserves reflective and insightful discourse. i accept the challenge. we both agreed that there was no way to address the questions in one phone call, or even in one week.

what i was able to say to her is this: i am not sure what it is like to carry that energy. I am not sure that i carry any of that energy at all. What I am sure of is that They carry me. This, I am most certain of.


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