Open the mind to master the mind

There is nothing so disobedient as an undisciplined mind, and there is nothing so obedient as a disciplined mind.


An undisciplined mind verses a disciplined mind: if that isn’t the struggle of the day, possibly the struggle of life; let the church say amen!!! I want to be obedient considering l started this life’s journey full of disobedience. The very word ‘obedience’ would give me the hebbie-jebbies back in the day. Now, i embrace it fully: being obedient to myself, to God, to spirit, to life…..for the most part.

As far as I can tell, meditation is the true way to disciplining the mind. I would like to say, ‘the only way’ but my gemini self knows that that’s an internal argument waiting to postpone this post.

It is said that meditation will save your life. By default, I have come to know this has truth. Meditation silences the mind, brings inner peace, self mastery, improved well-being and spiritual connection. Its power is undeniable. It is the “magic pill” that is singularly the most powerful transformational practice you can incorporate into your daily life.

I have regained my footing and meditation was the first thing ushered back into my lifestyle. With all of the great apps on cellphones, I can meditate anywhere, even when i forget my mala beads. i love carrying my mala beads because of my visual stimulation needs but, i get it in regardless now.

Nothing else teaches self-discipline like meditation. When you learn to avoid giving in to the temptation to move around and fidget during meditation, then you can learn to avoid other things like impulsive shopping, emotional eating, procrastination, anger/rage in challenging moments, and engaging in destructive habits. Meditation allows you to become aware. Aware of yourself, your surroundings, and how you’ve allowed impulses to dictate your life. This is an important step to mastery of your mind.

And considering I was born with a convention center full of voices in my head, I welcome the opportunity to master silence and hear God through the peephole. Someone once said, “I started meditation so that my mind would stop playing tricks on me. So that I wouldn’t believe only the things that my mind was telling me.” Whew!!!! I thought that was powerful when she said it to me. When i think of all of the stubborn, mule-headed, arrogant, stuck-in-their-ways people I know, and love, it made me run to the mat and make love to meditation. I am the WRONG ONE to have my mind playing tricks on me; talk about bloody eyes and fire for clothing. To not discipline my mind would be to release the cracken! Not cute at all.

here’s to mastering our minds. and listening to God more clearly.


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