When the Women Heal…

…the men and children will follow: has been the motto and the basis behind all of the work that I do with women. I am often erroneously accused of being a feminist. I have nothing against the word nor the cause, but it isn’t my bag. I respect the women who champion “the feminist” cause too much to perpetrate like i wear that banner. I am however, anti-patriarchal!

Patriarchy has not served humanity well. It is a key stone in building and maintaining dominion and oppression. It must be identified and replaced with healthier alternatives to relationships, for sustainability. As a citizen of this earth, it has never set well with me. As a student of history and an observer of people and behavior, it gets under my skin.

I am always looking for simpler ways to make points and share thinking. I came across this graphic and quote while surfing the web and I knew I had to share! The quote is very similar to a workshop I facilitate for women’s groups and sister circles, dealing with team building.


The quote says:

Patriarchy was founded on Separation from women
~ men from women
~ women from each other
~ women from themselves
With the Sacred Union of women with themselves, women with men, and with the archetype of the Sacred Sisterhood coming alive again, women are recreating and threading back a world of balance.

Men from Women:
This is evident in our marriages, or lack there of. In our relationships with our fathers, son and brothers, or lack there of. Society has built a huge gap between us. We have got to face each other and talk. We have been angry with each other a very long time. We decided to do without each other, a long time ago. We are disconnected. This is why it is so easy for our sons, grandsons and nephews to be so disrespectful. Society teaches them this behavior and we, without a united front, are loosing the battle to give them something better.

Women from each other:
This is where the bulk of the workshop hinges. This aspect of separation has assisted in destroying our family structures and communities in grave ways. Women can and will, annihilate each other. Women will hold other women up to standards and expectations that they don’t even live by. Jealousy and Envy are the playmates of dysfunctional women. Viciousness hasn’t met a better companion that a woman on a mission to “get back at” or “set straight” another woman. We have forgotten that we need each other -to be whole. God knew what S/He was doing when S/He made sisters. This life’s work is more doable and more enjoyable with sisters.

Women from themselves:
This may be the greatest travesty of all. The underlying reason for most of the dysfunction. The reason why so many women cannot even begin the healing process or find themselves stagnated in healing. The reason so many women are not even aware that they are the problem. They are too busy making everyone and everything else, the problem. Busy on the search for the external, all the while internally wroth.

But with more and more women coming together. To heal themselves and each other. To have candid and courageous conversations. To admit first, and then deal with, deep-rooted pains and negativity so that she may be free from it. To be a better sister, daughter, mother, friend, lover…and any other hat is the balm that soothes humanity. May the circle never break. May the circle expand wider and wider….for the healing of the nation!

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