Blessed Confusion


Of Head and Heart


5/31/2017 – All about the head and heart!

5:31Today is about enjoying/reflecting on business success, financial security, and family life. Sharpen plans and follow-through actions that allow your ventures to flourish. It suggests looking for solutions that will last and a focus on creating foundations. Security (financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc…) is of utmost importance. Be concerned with the long-term. Make sure family life is orderly. Nail down all plans, leaving nothing fleeting. One is encouraged to embrace traditions and trust what is tried-and-true.

The bump in the road that impedes victory for today’s charge is that the imagination is in OVERDRIVE, needing to invent ‘a better way’ to do things at a time when one should be more patient with ‘the establishment’. The need to express oneself is tugging at the sleeve when the expectation is to lean more on traditions and the set guidelines. If one balances the joys of security and success (money and family) with the strong need to inspire, create, and begin new projects against the grain- one will be able to show the world (household, community, co-workers) the poetry of life, where love is emphasizes, th
e mundane path is abandoned, and understanding, diplomacy, and motivation is shared with every word and action.

The Work: Start meditating and visualization, it is the key to fulfilling wishes (more of the mystic and not the worldly kind). One must have a balanced blend of intellect and emotions (head and heart) to manifest desires. Seek out compassion and display it. Compassion helps with “balancing dualities” work.

Lastly, hawthorn berry tea is a powerful heart and circulatory tonic (see physician before self medicating). The spiritual aspect of the plant is most potent for healing and opening the energetic heart. The Hawthorn beckons one to examine the relationships of the-past-to-the-present through the lens of the heart. Does issues in current relationships reflect childhood wounds and/or past pains? It’s not about blaming others but more about taking responsibility for personal feelings and moving forward. Does reoccurring memories plague the mind? Is the heart chakra closed? Seek breathing techniques and yoga to open the heart. Keep in mind that releasing blocked emotions ca
n be painful but it only requires that one is fully present in the heart. The tears one shed through ‘heart-healing’ work now will clear the way for more love and compassion to enter.

Other Connections: Seek healing work with Ori and Ogun for balancing the head and the heart!

Iba Esu


There are not enough words to express the importance of greeting the Owner of the Roads. The Owner of the Crossroads. The Opener of The Way. The Divine Messenger of Eledumare. The Policemen of Heaven. The One who walks on the left side, and on the right side, of God. The One who is acknowledged first. The One who gets a share of everything. The Knower of all Languages. The Communicator. The One who is watching when no one else is watching.

This Divinity’s energy can be found in the spiritual practices of many indigenous people all over the earth. The Yoruba call him Esu. Some call him Elegua. Others know him as Papa Legba. The names and domain may differ but the undeniable power of this Orisa is never questioned.

Priests and spiritual leaders, all over the world, are performing spiritual rites to combat the battles of oppression, injustice, intolerance, and global destruction assaulted on the earth’s natives. The unseen portals which open up and take those spiritual  rites on a journey from earth to heaven, and back again, all starts with the appeasement of Esu.

We ask in prayers that Baba Esu opens the doors and pathways to our good health and long life. Baba Esu, please open the roads to good communication between husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters, and business partners. Open the roads to good communication so that our marriages, unions, children, and businesses will be well, healthy, successful, and abundant.

Baba Esu, open the roads to our financial blessings and our generational wealth. All that we do, we do to leave behind for those coming after us. Please bless our endeavors. Make the roads smooth so that we can accomplish our tasks. Do not turn our sweetness to sour. Do not allow our blessings to spoil.

Baba Esu, please return to sender any bad thoughts, ill-will, vicious acts, jealousy, envy or evil sent to us, or our families.. Return such evil back to the people and let it sit in their laps, and in their throats. Let our enemies rejoice in our successes and use their own tongue, and money, to tell the world of our good endeavors.

Baba Esu, bless all those who stop and greet you. Bless us, so that we maybe a blessing to others.

Esu ko ni se wa o





Orisanla, baba mi


Orisanla Osere igbo. Iku ike. Oba patapata ti n ba won gbode Iranje. Orisaala a gbe wa o. Ase.

May the Owner of the White Cloth show us the way to peace of mind and tranquility. When calmness and clarity eludes us, we should remember Orisanla. Orisanla brings purity, wisdom, and discipline. Honesty, creativity, and hard work also is found here. The ability to take one thing and multiple it into many, is one of the great blessings that this Orisa gives us. Obatala wakes up in white, remains in white, and goes to bed in white. The words to this prayer remind us of what patience looks like. Patience is the father of everything. With patience and time, all things will work themselves out, and all blessings revealed. The snail is one of our focal points, with this Orisa. The snail is dutiful, purposeful, and cautious. The snails eats every day from the abundance of earth, without the ability (or free will) to hurry or worry. If the snail’s needs are met, then surely our needs will be met too. Here’s to being patient, when things are not going well. When discipline is a struggle. When creativity has met a brain fog. When abundance is on the slow train…..Orisanla please accept our obi abata and other offerings, and speak of ire (blessings) for us. Ase.

Life is an Adventure in Forgiveness

Life is an adventure in Forgiveness. – Norman Cousins.

Forgiveness is a key spiritual component in most religions and spiritual practices. It is our most important tool in the process of letting go of toxic emotions like resentment, pain, grudges, and unresolved conflict. Forgiveness isn’t just good for relationships with others, it is also good for our health. The act of forgiveness lowers the risk of heart attacks, improves cholesterol levels and sleep. It reduces pain, blood pressure, levels of anxiety, depression, and stress. There is an enormous physical burden that happens to our bodies when we are hurt and disappointed. To maintain optimal health mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially we must create the conditions whereby forgiveness can show up in our lives, and flow though our words, thoughts, and actions.

Yet, current societal norms feed us the notion that violence, revenge, and cold heartedness toward those who have wronged us is our right! This thinking is supported by the movies and music that bombard our electronic devices. It is also found in policies and procedures in the boardrooms and in the classrooms. However, what we find over time is exactly what James Forbes penned in one of his speeches: “It is not possible to achieve by vigilance in anger and revenge what the soul is longing for. What the soul wishes for is peace.”

Spiritual activist Marianne Williamson reminds us that “at a time when we see so much evil, we are called upon to have the moral grandeur and spiritual audacity to believe in good, to proclaim it, to stand in conviction, to take the people who truly do evil and, yes, hold them accountable. But to nevertheless stand for the possibility of human redemption that turns even the hardest hearts.”

But what of those people who had done reprehensible damage to our lives? How do we go about forgiving them? There are many stories in Ifa that teaches examples of Forgiveness. Here is one story where Orisa Oosa forgives Igbin for stealing his wife, Ogele. (Sacred Oracle Idin’gbe)

Bata a gba a bidi kare cast divination for Igbin who was going to marry Ogele the wife of Orisa. Igbin snatched Ogele, Orisa’s wife but he himself is well known to Orisa. The surrogates of Igbin then started singing, “We have snatched Ogele totally. We have snatched Ogele. We are only waiting for what Oosa would do. We have snatched Ogele totally.” In horror, Igbin exclaimed, “Your declaration is insulting if I don’t find a way to appease Oosa,” he reasoned.

“What would people say when they hear that Igbin has snatched my wife?” Orisa said. As Igbin saw Orisa coming from far off,  Mother Igbin drum started drumming and singing. “Forgo her. Relinquish her for God’s sake. Orisa forgo Ogele for me. Oosa forgo Ogele for me. Pardon me. Renounce Ogele for me.” As Oosa was stepping, his steps matched the rhythm of the drumbeats. Oosa exclaimed, “What do I do now? The person who has snatched my wife is now the person appeasing me. Anybody who asks for forgiveness and pleads for mercy, if that someone is remorseful, then Ifa teaches us to soft pedal for that person.” Igbin was dancing and rejoicing. He was praising his babalawo. His babalawo was praising Ifa. Igbin said it was exactly as his babalawo said.
bata a gba a bidi kare cast divination for Igbin who was going to snatch Ogele, the wife of Oosa. The surrogates of Oosa were chanting that they had snatched Ogele totally. We have snatched Ogele off. The Igbin mother drum was saying, “I beg you Orisa Oosa forgo Ogele for me. Forgo her for me. Renounce her for me.” Oosa, displaying his magnanimity, renounced Ogele for Igbin.

Forgiveness is not easy work but it is best. Ifa says if the wrongdoer apologizes with sincerity and remorse, that we should soften our ways toward them. What of the ones who never admit their error? For the health of our own heart’s sake, we should forgive them too, no matter how long it takes us. May we have the generosity and courageous spirit of Orisa Oosa to forgive those who have wronged us. May we march to the beat of the drum, releasing contemptuous feelings toward our evil doers. Blessed be to those who see wisdom and apply it.13436080_1181277225238477_1228119259_n