Reflections in Eerindinlogun: Odu Ofun

Orisha speaks Ofun today, as a message for us. May the ire of this odu be with us and those we pray for. May we, and our families, see the blessings of good health. May Ogun accept our offerings so that we never know impotence in any of our blessings. May Orisa bless our work, and everything we put our hands on, so well that onlookers will think it is like magic. May Ori guide us firmly so that we do not abandon Orisa when things get tough. May we trust that Orisa will trap our enemies, and those who seek to betray us, for us. We must keep faithful in our duties as devotees. Finally, may the elevation of the “unexpected ones” trouble the naysayers, and make us king.

Orisa says,

“An unexpected person did this

Cast for Coldness when he was going to attack people

They said, “what can Coldness do?

“He has no bones in his body; He doesn’t have any strength;

He can’t do anything,” they said, “What can he do?” (jealousy, enemies, naysayers)

Coldness said, He would conquer all those who have bones (purpose, destiny, mission)

And so it went.

Coldness went for divination and was told to make offering

And he did so

After, he went and broke the calabash of ashes and the calabash of cold water.

Even if people were in bed, they were shivering

The next day people said,

“The coldness of yesterday, did it bother you?”

It bothered me. It bothered me also.”

This is how Coldness began to bother people. He was dancing and rejoicing.

He was praising the diviners, and the diviners were praising Orisa.

An unexpected person did this

Cast for Coldness when he was going to attack people.

He said, “We heard and offered the sacrifice; We appeased the gods;

It won’t be long, it’s not far away.

You will see me in an abundance of blessings.”



Temple Members: We greet Ori, Ogun, Orisanla, and Ifa today, and give offerings.

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Being Better

Always working on ways to get better. Always seeking truth, even when painful.

May we juggle the spiritual and the mundane, enjoying ourselves without losing ourselves.

Stay grounded while using wildly passionate fire, energy, and confidence to get the job done!

2019 is here

Not that I make a big deal anymore but it was a nice quiet evening with the members of my household! Thanking God for good friends and family in all walks of life!

Here’s to a new cycle of living our best lives~

Monday Prayer

Monday prayer is louder than any other day for me. Prayer, everyday, is the goal. Some days prayer is required more than others. Other days, only prayer got me through the hour/day/moment. Prayer on Sundays still is the most potent, direct line to God, as passed down by my grandmothers. But in my own adult life, prayer on Monday has taken a life of its own.

The Yoruba believe that the way Monday start off, is an indicator for how the rest of the week plays out. Mondays are important for business and wealth and has a no nonsense energy about it. You should not ask a Yoruba to pay back a debt on a Monday, and you are liable to get the best bargains ever, in the market, on Monday. But you’d better mine your tongue and attitude towards business and money on Mondays when you are around the Yorubas, for Monday is named Ojo Aje for a reason. They are a very superstitious and clairvoyant people, the Yoruba, very much like the indigenes of New Orleans, but that’s another story.

Perhaps it’s because of my love of the stories of Orisa Aje and how Mondays are connected to such a powerful force. Perhaps it’s due to my westernized upbringing and the instilled importance of starting the week off ‘right’. Either way, I have noticed that no other day of the week takes on a prayer life of its own, like Mondays.

I cannot leave the house without greeting Olodumare and the Heavenly Host, as I have come to know them through Yoruba traditional spirituality, on a Monday. Something about Mondays will have me in the dark of morning’s birth, pouring sustenance and calling unto the universe to hear, see, and respond. To know and connect. To stand bare feet on the earth, in dew wet morning grass, and be seen by the Elders of Night and the Watchers of Day, rattling iron and spraying gin for liberation, elevation, and manifestation. Demon-slaying with perfectly pedicured feet and Walmart readers. For my babies and unborn generations I am more than Wakanda….I am my foremothers returned with a taste for blood that only snail water seems to satisfy.

In Monday prayer rituals, birds fly from tree to tree, lifting the corners of the veil in their beak so that the unseen can be seen; and whispers from Guided Ones bid we take sarawepepe or dandelion and summon the benevolent gawds to walk with us.

After we appease all that is righteously funfun

…we turn to that glorious spirit

of iron and war,

of love and balance

of evolution and prosperity

with blood clot pains and tender spots

smeared cloth,

brown liquor and granddaddy’s cigar

to ask for blessings

generational blessings

and the total annihilation of enemies of progress.


or scurred

is alright with us!


Auntie Mary

My recently deceased aunt showed up in my dream last night. We were in a building that could’ve been a party or something. Auditorium-ish. Lots of people standing around. Smiling. I didn’t get a sense of sadness. I am standing with a group of people taking when out of the corner of my eyes, I see a beautiful woman in yellow, walking, carrying a small baby. I realize its my aunt, so I call out her name. She turns because she hears her name, but she doesn’t see who’s calling her. I take off after her. She stops. I greet her but I cant recall what we said or did. All i know is that she gives me the baby in her arms and leaves. I see her later in the dream but it’s like I’m relieving her  while she enjoys herself. Then it all fades to black. Iba Egungun. I have no idea….but it was good to see my Auntie Mary.

Of Head and Heart


5/31/2017 – All about the head and heart!

5:31Today is about enjoying/reflecting on business success, financial security, and family life. Sharpen plans and follow-through actions that allow your ventures to flourish. It suggests looking for solutions that will last and a focus on creating foundations. Security (financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc…) is of utmost importance. Be concerned with the long-term. Make sure family life is orderly. Nail down all plans, leaving nothing fleeting. One is encouraged to embrace traditions and trust what is tried-and-true.

The bump in the road that impedes victory for today’s charge is that the imagination is in OVERDRIVE, needing to invent ‘a better way’ to do things at a time when one should be more patient with ‘the establishment’. The need to express oneself is tugging at the sleeve when the expectation is to lean more on traditions and the set guidelines. If one balances the joys of security and success (money and family) with the strong need to inspire, create, and begin new projects against the grain- one will be able to show the world (household, community, co-workers) the poetry of life, where love is emphasizes, th
e mundane path is abandoned, and understanding, diplomacy, and motivation is shared with every word and action.

The Work: Start meditating and visualization, it is the key to fulfilling wishes (more of the mystic and not the worldly kind). One must have a balanced blend of intellect and emotions (head and heart) to manifest desires. Seek out compassion and display it. Compassion helps with “balancing dualities” work.

Lastly, hawthorn berry tea is a powerful heart and circulatory tonic (see physician before self medicating). The spiritual aspect of the plant is most potent for healing and opening the energetic heart. The Hawthorn beckons one to examine the relationships of the-past-to-the-present through the lens of the heart. Does issues in current relationships reflect childhood wounds and/or past pains? It’s not about blaming others but more about taking responsibility for personal feelings and moving forward. Does reoccurring memories plague the mind? Is the heart chakra closed? Seek breathing techniques and yoga to open the heart. Keep in mind that releasing blocked emotions ca
n be painful but it only requires that one is fully present in the heart. The tears one shed through ‘heart-healing’ work now will clear the way for more love and compassion to enter.

Other Connections: Seek healing work with Ori and Ogun for balancing the head and the heart!